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Public Speaking

This 1-Day Course will be a life-changing course that allow you utiise the power of speech and reach more possibilities in life. Public speaking is everywhere, why not make it an impactful and memorable one?

Dealing with Difficult People

Face it! Dealing with difficult people is a course that everyone needs to take at a point of their life. Learn the method to conquer them and never again suffer!

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SST Training

All you need to learn about the SST for business owners, managers and executives. Learn not just the text-book materials but also the compliance and case studies on your industry!

Start-up Kit

What you MUST know before starting a business - Idea alone won't work

Onboarding Training

Get your employees on track fast and feel welcomed with proper training

Get A Job

What you need to do and prepare to get the job you want!

Finance for Non Finance Person

Basic Financial Knowledge that accelerate your career and business growth!

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