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We pride ourselves in designing and delivering STAR-rated program that is impactful to the participants and organisations. To be successful, we have to keep improving. Our trainers make sure they are always sharp, relevant and updated in order to provide the maximum value to our participants. Are you sharp, relevant and updated?


We provide in-company consultancy services for SMEs and Corporate to help them start and grow their business. What do you need to know and do before you start a business? Or are you struggling with the operation of your current business and need an extra hand or brain? Why not speak to us and we will be able to provide an one stop solution for you.

Carefully crafted in-house training solutions based on your needs and preferences

Public Programmes for you to learn along with other professionals

Team Building and Management Bootcamp that is fun and brings people closer

One-stop business solution from business consultancy to accounting to HR Solutions

Training Solutions
Boost your Success

We are always ready for people who want and need to improve. 

What skills do you want to learn today?

Public Speaking

Learn the power of speech to turn the table around and get what you want in life!

Dealing with Difficult People

Learn the method to conquer them and never again suffer!

SST Training

Not just the text-book materials and what you need to know about compliance and audit

Start-up Kit

What you MUST know before starting a business - Idea alone won't work

Onboarding Training

Get your employees on track fast and feel welcomed with proper training

Get A Job

What you need to do and prepare to get the job you want!

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About Us

We believe success is not only about hard work. You can be hardworking and still doesn’t achieve what you want if you are not using the right method. That’s why companies invest in training, it’s like a shortcut for people to work hard and smart to reach their goals.

Let’s work together on your vision and discover ways to create actionable results. 

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