SST (Sales & Services Tax) Seminar: HOW TO HANDLE SST?
Special focus on Manufacturers & Importers!

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The scope and contents includes but not limited to the following:

SST Legislation /SST 框架
Scope and Charge /SST 范围和实施
SST Mechanism / SST 机制
Interpretation of Manufacture /何为制造业
Taxable Person / SST 必须缴税的行业
Taxable Goods / SST 必须缴税的物品
Rate of Tax / SST 税率
Taxable Services / SST 必须缴税的服务
SST Returns/Payment / SST 申报,付款,罚款
SST Exemption & Facilities / SST 豁免申请设施
SST Special Rules / SST 特殊规则
SST Accounting / SST 会计
GST to SST Transition Issues / GST 转换 SST 须知
SST 1.0 vs SST 2.0
Common Errors and Managing Audit / 常见问题解答与常见错误
Steps to Apply SST Exemption /如何申请豁免


How to Register for SST Seminar?

Option 1: Fill up the Google Form above

Option 2: Download the SST Workshop registration form (English) (Chinese), fill it up and email to


Payment Details:

RM 500 per person

Bank Account No : PUBLIC BANK, 3208 4343 28

After payment, please email a copy of transaction slip to 


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